Supply Chain

JetCo Packaging manages and maintains a strong network of pre-qualified companies to ensure that every task order is delivered accurately and on time. Our supply chain management workflow includes a comprehensive order fulfillment process that follows the task order from order date through delivery date. We maintain redundant supply chains to ensure uninterrupted service and delivery. In addition, our team anticipates events that might interfere with a smooth transaction, and creates contingency plans to minimize any changes on our agency clients.

JetCo Packaging helps public sector clients plan their purchases by making information flow as smoothly as product deliveries. We work with each client to provide reports that help them understand their buying trends and various sub-agency spend under each contract. This helps our suppliers schedule manufacturing jobs in advance, avoiding urgent projects.

If your company is interested in becoming part of JetCo Packaging’s supply chain, please email us at  Please note that only United States companies with reliable workflows and strong quality assurance programs will be considered. JetCo has excellent trade references; we are a prompt payer and a respectful partner to both suppliers and customers.