Contract Administration

JetCo Packaging stands out from our competition.  Our customers have high expectations and they compliment us with repeat business; based on their feedback, our differentiators are substantial.

  • We understand the unique security needs of delivering to secure government installations and correctional institutions.
  • We understand and comply with the unique reporting needs of public agencies. We recognize that public sector purchasing agents are scrutinized differently than private sector counterparts. We ensure that our contracts do not require extra administration by delivering on time, in compliance with specifications and reporting for transparency and integrity.
  • We have the company sustainability and foundation required by government agencies. We have strong internal controls in place, and customize them as needed to meet each agency’s requirements. We create a complete contract compliance matrix for each contract, and use this to guide our efforts and ensure we meet or exceed all contract requirements.
  • We set a tone of honesty, integrity and candor.