About Us

JetCo Packaging Solutions is a wholesaler of packaging and industrial supplies for government agencies. We are passionate about exceeding expectations by serving highly secure, hard to deliver government facilities with a surprising level of customer service, on-time delivery, quality products and compliance. We reduce risk for government clients with our expertise in the non-manufacturing rule (NMR), diverse supplier programs, ASTM requirements and the Buy America Act.

JetCo Packaging Solutions is an economically disadvantaged woman owned small business (EDWOSB), certified in the new SBA certification repository. Our team has invested strategically in advanced supply chain management processes and an in-house, customized order management system which corresponds to sophisticated workflows and standard operating procedures.

We specialize in supply chain management and contract administration, resulting in qualified suppliers and cost reductions for government clients. We have developed strategic partnerships with both suppliers and customers, creating communication channels for critical information and operational improvements.

Since 2007, JetCo Packaging Solutions has exceeded expectations for government agencies. We hold a significant federal contract portfolio and also supply state governments when the scale and sophistication warrant it.

We provide complete packaging and light manufacturing solutions for government agencies, prime contractors, and corporate partners.  We offer a wide variety of packaging products, from film and bags to board and industrial solutions.  More importantly, we ask questions that allow us to play a consultative role and offer a complete solution – not just a product.

JetCo Packaging has a unique mix of skill sets in our senior management team.

Sue Schweim Tellier, President
Sue is an expert in marketing government to businesses and business to government. Sue ran business outreach and supplier diversity for the Michigan Department of Management and Budget and understands firsthand the unique environment that contracting officers work within. After leaving the public sector in 2007, Sue began running operations and marketing for JetCo.

Ashley Simpson, Director of Operations
Ashley Simpson possesses a rare type of determination and eye for detail that allows her to identify pain points in an organization or system and quickly offer solutions that save time and money. Ashley is a dedicated and technically skilled professional with deep knowledge of supply chain management and office software applications for inventory management, reporting, records management, accounting and group planning.

Jon Tellier, Quality Manager
Jon is a West Point educated engineer, with an eye for detail and an exceptional sales, manufacturing and quality assurance background. He is a highly trained quality auditor and manager, with strong connections throughout the packaging industry and respect from our diverse supply chain.